Sunday, July 22, 2012

Adventure Time #5 by Ryan North and Mike Holmes

Cover by Chris Houghton

Adventure Time is a comic that is based on a Cartoon Network show.  Finn is a silly kid, and Jake is a magical dog.  And there is a little computer that is Finn and Jake's buddy.  His name is BMO. 
In this issue BMO makes a cup cake and Finn and Jake fight over it.  So BMO makes them run a race to win it.

I think that the artist and writer did great.  It's funny.  I really like the creepy Finn and Jake robots that BMO made. 

I got my copy signed by the regular artists, Shelli & Braden, even though they didn't draw this one.  Shelli drew a picture of Jake inside, probably because they didn't draw the comic this time.

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